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Welcome to the GW Acrylic Pre-Order Hub - our latest designs and incoming stock will be showing below. Please take the time to read the FAQ's and if you have any further questions please contact us.

Pre-Order FAQs

What is a 'Pre-Order'?

The ability to purchase products that are not (yet) in stock for delivery at a stated time in the future. Each product shown below will clearly state the anticipated arrival date. (Updates will be posted in our Facebook Group: GW Acrylic -Speciality Display Products)

When do I pay for my 'Pre-Order'?

Payment is required via the checkout immediately to confirm your order for the product(s). 

Can I combine multiple Pre-Orders?

Yes - multiple Pre-Orders can be consolidated into one dispatch to save on shipping costs.

Please note: If you confirm an order that includes product(s) in stock then we will dispatch the stock immediately as shipping will have been charged at checkout automatically (if applicable). The Pre-Ordered product(s) will remain on back order for you.

*** IMPORTANT *** When do I pay for shipping my 'Pre-Order'?

Shipping will be invoiced via email to all buyers once the stock is in hand and ready to dispatch. ALL PRE-ORDERS WILL BE CHARGED SHIPPING.

When will I receive my Pre-Order?

We will dispatch all 'Pre-Ordered' products within 2-3 business days AFTER receiving settlement of the shipping invoice. Your shipping invoice will be issued once the incoming stock has been received into our warehouse. You will receive a tracking number the day of dispatch via email.

Can I cancel my Pre-Order?

There is no charge for cancelling a Pre-Order at anytime up until the shipping invoice has been issued. However, if you choose to cancel your Pre-Order after receiving the shipping invoice then we will charge 10% of the order total due to administration costs.

Our standard Terms & Conditions apply in addition to the above details

No products currently on Pre-Order 

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