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There is no better way of protecting and displaying your accessory than a new GW Acrylic Accessory Holder.


These versitile laser cut holders are specifically designed to accompany the new GW Acrylic LASER cases and can be applied to a myriad of different toy line accessories. Need a bigger case? No problem - please view the Loose Action Figure Case section for a our full range.


  • SKU: AAH-049 - Designed to display small Helmets/Hoods from the Vintage Star Wars or Gi-Joe lines - what will you use it for?
  • SKU: AAH-050 - Circular bracket - designed to hold Spears/Pikes/Chains with a diameter upto 4mm
  • SKU: AAH-051 - Circular End Stop - designed to be used in conjunction with other brackets/fixings and provides a ciruclar recess to hold the accessory up.
  • SKU: AAH-052 - Half Moon Fixing (High) - designed to help mounting of larger accessories to flat  surfaces (See Amanaman Staff) (8 x 8mm clearance)
  • SKU: AAH-054 - Half Moon Fixing (Shallow) - designed to help mounting of larger accessories to flat surfaces (See Logray Staff) (8 x 4mm clearance)
  • SKU: AAH-055 - Figure Supports (Pair - Tubular) - designed to help minimise the movement of the figure within the display case - best fit over each shoulder
  • SKU: AAH-062 - Figure Supports (Pair - Block) - designed to help minimise the movement of the figure within the display case - best fit beside each leg


Please note that each component is supplied covered with a protective film which needs to be removed.


We like to access our collectibles and have the freedom to change things up therefore we recommend (and have used on all of the examples pictured) Bostik Removeable Glue Dots which are acid and lignin free and leave no trace on the surface of the case when removed BONUS!


Loose figure collectors, variant hunters and diarama makers will all revel in the flexibility and choice the complete range of accessory holders offer. What will you create? 




Choose your fixings from the drop down box (Underneath the price shown above) and add a new loose figure Laser case for the perfect display combo NOW!


All holders are produced from Archival grade UV acrylic sheet (UV 99%+) to ensure the very best protection for your collection. 


- Please note all toys shown are for display only and not included or for sale -

Laser Cut Accessory Holders - Plinths, Brackets and Fixings


    Price shown excludes VAT (UK Customers Only)

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