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"Heroes in a half shell!"


Well howabout a fully protective acrylic display case! The No.1 display case for your Pizza-loving, sewer dwelling crime fighters!


New large case, including our unique full internal rail system, designed to hold the wide carded Turtles such as Wacky Action and Sewer Spitting issues.


Please check the depth of the bubble on your carded Turtle before ordering!


Maximum Bubble Depth: 59mm

Access: Sliding Bottom Panel

Overall Dimensions: 307mm (H) x 250mm (W) x 66mm (D)

Material: 3mm Acrylic Sheet UV96-97%+

- Please note all toys shown are for display only and not included or for sale -

Playmates TMNT Deluxe (Wide) Carded Action Figure Display Case

SKU: ADC-046

    Price shown excludes VAT (UK Customers Only)

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